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Hello, friends, My name is Roshan and welcome to RP Techshop

About us

A person behind this blog

Hello, my name is Roshan and I am a resident of Nagpur district of Maharashtra state. I have a channel named "RP Techshop" on Youtube. For the last few years, I have become interested in technology and photo editing. This is why I spend much of my time on the internet.

The purpose of "rptechshop.in"

I also wanted to do something on the Internet because I had a passion for technology and photo editing and that's why I decided to build a website. The knowledge I have will be done by others, it will benefit others, I will learn something from them.

My other purpose of starting this blog is to give you all the knowledge about technology, new technologies in the world, it is my job to know about all of this technology, because during this modern technology you need to have all the updates, otherwise you should Stay behind others. 

A wisdom of knowledge “www.rptechshop.in”

Through the medium of this blog, we will provide information about the latest technologies, photography and other developments in this world. We know that technology has been used in every field, then it is using technology as a whole or all areas of education. Then we can not walk behind us. You should also be one step ahead. All the regions are using English and for this reason, I have confronted the technology treasure before us.

Blog in English?"

As the language of this universe is now English. All of them need to learn English. Then you will not be able to follow, so you can easily find something on the internet through English.

All of you share my posts with your friends so that you can help them too and help me a lot. I will be grateful for this.

Respectful request of  www.rptechshop.in

Also, www.rptechshop.in would like to ask you what kind of tips and tricks you like. If you have any questions or feedback from me on my e-mail falkeyroshan@gmail.com, then you send it. I would be happy to help you.

You can also contact me to connect with me. ^ Contact me!

Thanks! Connect with me

Note- If you have any technical knowledge or articles, then you can share it with me. I will share this with all the blogs www.rptechshop.in and share their credits with you. You can send your articles to falkeyroshan@gmail.com email.

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