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August 22, 2017

How to create Google Form

How to create Google Form

In the current era, Google Form is very useful for collecting information. This will be accompanied by a thorough accumulation of information and its collection. Most importantly, the Google form information you want to know Form must be prepared. Today we will learn how to create a Google Form here.

1. The most important thing to create a Google Form is that your G-mail has an account.

2. Log into G-mail account with user ID and password.

After opening a G-mail account, click on the Google Drive button Google Drive will open as shown in the image below.

3. Click on “New” button then go to “More” When you go to More, click on the Google Form that appears. After that Google Form open.

4. Type the subject of the form in form title as shown in the image below. For exp. My Topic is “Learn Photoshop”. Write form description and write your questions.

5- Here you choose the type of questions. Then select the type of text or question you want to add.

6. In the form shown in the image below, edit the information in the form of the information you want. Here you can add questions, text, images etc.

7. When your form is complete then click on Submit and then click on Send button as shown the image below.

8 After clicking on Send Form, the following window will open. Link to Share below will be ready to link your Google Form. Copy it and keep it. Then click on Done.

9 Then your Google Form will be created as shown in the image below. In it, you can fill the information you want with others. For this, you can send copied links to websites, blogs, whites up, Facebook, email to others. Can get information from others. The accumulated information you get in the Excel format.

Google Form thus gives the information By compiling it, your work is fast.Most of your works are paperless Paper savings and large sums of paper.It can be prevented by environmental damage. We can use this form in a various way like WhatsApp group. Survey etc.
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